About Liz Ray

So, what qualifies me to work with you to fulfil your dreams? Well, I have the tools and credentials you would expect – I’m a professional life-coach and NLP Practitioner. But, just as important I believe, has been my natural passion to push on into all I believe I was made for, drawing everything I can from those who inspire me and in turn, instinctively mentoring and coaching others.

I’m convinced we should value our deepest dreams and take them seriously; they are there to stretch, not frustrate us! In my case, I was a young mum with a disrupted education and just a handful of average GCEs. I was also overweight and seriously lacking in self-confidence. But once all my children were at school, I dared to give attention to a huge dream. I wanted make television programmes. And present them, too!

So began an exciting journey. It started with a decision – to improve my education, and a small action – a telephone call to a local university to see if I was eligible to study for a degree. I was, and over the next few years my self-confidence steadily grew along with my new levels of knowledge and understanding. I lost weight. Then began a new journey, with fresh challenges. I joined BBC Radio and put myself on every course I could find. I learned to research, to make features, to report and to interview effectively. A few years down the line I switched to TV, where I produced, directed and presented programmes. I became a Series Editor, and won a number of industry awards.

So why did I become a life-coach? Well, I had dreamed of making TV that would inspire people to be everything they could be. And I made several programme series talking to people who had dramatically turned their lives around – in the areas of achievement, relationships, spirituality, and so many other spheres. Viewers who suddenly grasped their potential wrote to tell me how these programmes had been the catalyst for them to make dramatic changes in their own lives. And I realised that this was my deepest passion – to see people inspired and fulfilled; for me, the real attraction of TV and other media had always been in their power to facilitate this journey. And so began another new phase in my life!

I’ve discovered that dreams don’t have to be out of reach – no matter where we start from, they can provide the impetus we need to become all we were created to be. So if you have unfulfilled dreams and passions of your own, email me now and let’s bring them to life!

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