10 facts about Liz

Liz used to be several sizes larger. A mixture of depression and insecurity saw Liz piling on a surplus 2 stone in her teens. Trying to deal with the symptoms took Liz through periods of alternately starving and bingeing. Once she tackled the underlying problems she learned how to enjoy eating healthily and relax around food – and her weight normalised.

Liz studied for a degree after her children started school…
Where she learned how to dress like a student instead of a mum, adding to the piercings in her ears, and changing her hairstyle from neat bob to wild spiky sensation. Liz graduated with a 2.1 Honours degree in Modern Arts in English, by staying up all night to work on her essays.

Liz is a media Producer/Presenter. She trained in presenting and programme-making skills with the BBC before going on to work as a Producer/Presenter for ITV, and Presenter/Series Editor for a satellite channel – where some of her programmes continue to air. Liz still does media work and is an excellent media skills coach as well as a life coach.

Liz is a certified dream interpreter. Using the original and highly-accurate ancient-Hebraic interpretative method, based on symbol and metaphor. Other methods produce quite different interpretations to those of the classic ancient dreams, such as the dream of Joseph. Clients often have dreams highly relevant to their situation, and Liz works with these in the coaching sessions.

Liz works out regularly in her local gym. Not naturally sporty, the discovery of quick-working rebounders and power plates changed Liz’s attitude to the gym, and she began to put in time on the other equipment, as well.

Happily married to Mike for 43 years… With a background in human resources, Mike still plays football, having first vowed to give it up after Liz and Mike’s first baby – 41 years ago!

Liz and Mike have 3 great children… Jay (43), and twins Donna and Jodie (40), with equally great partners: Kate, Paul, and James…

… and 6 gorgeous grand-children: Daisy, Karis, Tiana, Amy, Dylan, and Kaya. They holiday together every year on the Isle of Wight, with other family members and friends, gradually taking over the chalet site!

‘There’s a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in…’ Liz often spends time poring through song lyrics in HMV, and loves the depth and spiritual insight of singer/songwriters such as Faithless, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen and others.

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