Success Stories

No matter what I told her, I found Liz consistently supportive and positive in her outlook. Not only did I find myself reconnecting spiritually as a result, I also broke out of detrimental patterns of thinking and behaviour that I’d lived with for over 2 years.
IS, Epsom

At the age of 45, with 3 beautiful children, my world fell apart when I learned that my husband had been having an affair. When he left, I felt that I had not only lost my husband, but lost sight of who I was, too. I tried counselling, but realised that I knew only too well where we had gone wrong and couldn’t bear the pain of analysing it. Then a friend introduced me to Life Coaching with Liz. This was a very different experience – forward-focused and positive. Liz helped me to rediscover the real me and gave me tools to deal positively with the sadness and regrets. Since then, a reservoir of emotions, feelings, creativity – long-neglected aspects of the real me began to bubble up – and the process has not stopped! Today I have a job I love, I travel, and generally have a new zest for life. And I fell in love with my husband again, he fell in love with me – and we are now looking to the future and planning to renew our wedding vows. I would recommend Life Coaching to anybody!
SD, Surrey

Being American, the idea of life coaching has always made sense to me. So when I hit a wall in my life it was quite natural to sign up for a package of sessions with Liz. At the time I was working hard at a low-paid job but didn’t have the self-esteem to look for anything better. I was too self-conscious even to walk into an employment agency, let alone go for a job interview. Liz pinpointed the undermining inner voice that was creating havoc in my life, and gave me a simple, effective strategy to get rid of it once and for all. Shortly afterwards I not only walked into an agency, but was selected for an interview for my dream job. Although there were 10 candidates called for interview, I felt calm and in control – and was picked for the job! Life since has been so different – I enjoy and feel valued in my work – and the panicky inner voice has gone for good!
TU, Surrey

For a number of years now my No1 New Year’s resolution has been to lose 1 stone in weight. But I never reached the goal. I didn’t really believe I could do it. Then one morning I turned on the radio and heard Liz Ray talking about life coaching. I got in touch and booked up a series of sessions. Not only did I magically achieve my weight goal, but my low self-image began to turn around as well!

Since starting coaching I have found myself pushing new doors. I took up an invitation to speak to a group of women, the very thought of which had been quite daunting. But when it went well and led to yet more invitations, my confidence grew. And now I have begun work on a long-held ambition – to write my life story. I have already had some of my writing accepted for inclusion in a new book, which has been very encouraging.

Coaching with Liz has been so motivational and inspiring; my energy levels have increased, and I now feel really alive and capable of achieving any goals I set myself. People have commented on my vitality and I just have a great eagerness for new adventures – not bad for 69!
KG, Surrey

When I was invited to do an hour-long live celebrity interview, I was part-thrilled and part scared to death! I was keen to expand on my presenting exerience, but it felt like a huge jump from my background in children’s TV. With just a week to prepare, Liz worked with me, enabling me to focus on my strengths and abilities and giving me strategies to get the best from my guest. When the day came, I just knew I would do a great job! The interview went brilliantly, I loved every minute, and I’ve never looked back!
MH, Essex

I started life coaching sessions with Liz at a crucial time in my life. I was unhappy at work, feeling very low and not at all hopeful about my future. I was stuck in an emotional rut.

Talking with Liz and learning how to unblock the negative thinking was revolutionary. Life coaching has made a real impact, it proved to be the confidence boost I needed and the key to rebuilding my self-esteem.

Liz has an amazing way of enabling people to focus, think positively and achieve their goals, all with heaps of encouragement. The life coaching sessions really helped me to refocus on my dreams and I am now full of renewed energy, hope and excitement about the future. I have a new lease of life – thank you Liz!
DM, Surrey

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